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Product Information

Lightweight recycled plastic floor plate Repy Board

"Repy Board" is a recycled plastic floor plate approved by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism NETIS, EcoMark, and NNTD.
This eco product is made using low-density polyethylene coating materials from discarded electric cable and recycled high-density polyethylene materials excellent resistance to cracking and weathering. We also provide value-added formulations including virgin polyethylene material and formulations offering static electricity prevention or low-flammability.
We have a wide range of sizes and patterns, enabling customers to choose the most suitable one for their application.

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  • Rugged / Oil, mud and water resistance, able to support a 20 t truck.
  • Lightweight / Can be easily installed without using heavy machinery.
  • Long service life / Able to resist direct sunlight. In use for 33 years.
  • Ecological / Unneeded items can be collected for recycling.
  • Easy to wash / A pattern design that sheds dirt easily.
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Repy Board Introduction Video

Product Specifications


4 x 8 plates

3 x 6 plates

2 x 6 plates

4 x 4 plates

2 x 4 plates

Size [mm] 1230 x 2560 x 13 (thickness) 910 x 1820 x 13 (thickness) 615 x 1820 x 13 (thickness) 1230 x 1230 x 13 (thickness) 615 x 1230 x 13 (thickness)
Weight [Kg] 402 232 152 192 102
Main materials

Polyethylene 100% (density: approx. 0.95 to 1): Low density polyethylene from refined electric cable coating material and recycled high density polyethylene. Special formulations with virgin polyethylene also available.

Color Black
Hole positions Connection holes: 30 mm x 4 places, hand grip holes: 40 x 130 mm x 2 places
Surface pattern Surface pattern
Basic properties
of materials
(1) Tensile strength 28Mpa JIS K7162/5A/10
(2) Stretch 600% JIS K7162/5A/10 Standard
(3) Compressive strength 29Mpa JIS K7181/B/1
(3) Flexure strength 28Mpa JIS K7171/2

Measured at the Industrial Technology Center of Tochigi Prefecture

Performance tested using
actual products

Allowable excess:
80 t ( On stable ground )

Dedicated connection device (option)

To prevents slipping and scattering in strong wind.

Two sets of the connection device/metal plates (top) (bottom) can connect four Repy Board plates.
The staple-shaped anchor/anchors are hammered into the ground to anchor the plates.

Recycle System

We will pay for your disused or unneeded used polyethylene floor plates.

Rather than process collected polyethylene floor plates as industrial waste, OOHASHI Metal Trading Co., Ltd. will pay to take them and recycle them for reuse in various markets. Our system is kind to the environment and to customers, and doesn't create industrial waste.

Payment price: 25 yen/kg (delivered at our plant)
Recycle System of the Repy Board
Cautionary notes when using the recycle system
  • The services is available only to customers who have purchased our Repy Board® polyethylene floor plates. (Purchases equivalent to 10 or more 4x8 plates)
  • We take only polyethylene floor plates.
  • Customers are asked to bear the cost of delivery to our Nishizawa Plant.
  • For 4x8 plates, the delivery cost may be cheaper if they are cut into smaller than half-size pieces.
  • We will pay for the plates after weighing them. Customers are asked to bear the transaction cost.
  • The minimum amount for the transaction is the equivalent of 10 4x8 plates (400 kg or more).
For any other queries, please contact the Head Office sales office.

Cautionary notes when using the recycle system

  • The plates cannot be used as a bridge.
  • Avoid using the plates in places where there sharp objects sticking up from the ground.
  • The plates cannot be used as outriggers.
  • The plates can be used in temperatures between -20 and 50℃.
  • The plates may be melted by the heat from a burner or welding sparks.
  • Extra care is required when using the plates under strong wind conditions.
  • Avoid sudden acceleration, sudden stops, and sharp turns in vehicles.
  • Due to the nature of plastic, the plates will expand and contract if the floor temperature changes.
  • A 10℃ change in temperature produces expansion or contraction of 1 ㎜ per 1000 ㎜. This should be accounted for when laying the plates.
Cautionary notes when using Repy Board
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