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Product Information

Recycled plastic U-shaped guttering U-Jiro

U-Jiro is a lightweight plastic U-shaped guttering that can be installed without using heavy machinery.
Easy to construct and install, it is a low-cost product that can be applied in a short time frame.
Applications include rain water drainage for temporary housing, cable troughs for electric power stations, irrigation channels around paddy fields, and many other places. The product is also environmentally friendly with a durability of 20 years.

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  • No heavy machinery needed for installation - lightweight and can be installed by one person
  • Durability of 20 years
  • Track can also be passed through with use of appropriate grating
  • Easy to connect and construct
  • Contains no ground-contaminants
  • Features Photo 1
  • Features Photo 2

Product Specifications


U-Jiro ® 300L

U-Jiro ® 150S

Length [mm] 2,000 1,000
Width [mm] 300 150
Depth [mm] 200 150
Weight [Kg] 20 5
Color Black
Material Recycled plastic sourced from container and packaging plastic, etc.

* Grating sold separately.
* U-Jiro may float in cases where large quantities of water enter from the side.
* When connecting 10 or more units, use a concrete container to absorb thermal expansion and contraction.
* If strong earth pressure is expected, insert a concrete or steel grating.

Operational Parts

  • Steel grating

    Steel grating
  • Checkered steel plate cover

    Checkered steel plate cover
  • Recycled plastic protection plate

    Recycled plastic protection plate

Various other kinds are also used. Please inquire for details.

Connection Method

Connection is easy. The product can be connected by one person.
Materials to Prepare
- Rubber backing tape - Stainless steel screws (30 ㎜ to 50 ㎜): 2 to 4

* These items are not included with the product. Please prepare them in advance.

Connection Method

Cautionary Points for Installation

Proper installation will ensure use of the product under optimal conditions. Please note the following points during installation.

Floating If sand or other debris enters into the side of U-Jiro during heavy rain due to the ground condition and so forth, U-Jiro may float. Floating can be prevented by fixing a board outside on the bottom surface.


Strong Earth Pressure If the earth pressure is strong, U-Jiro's sides may bend inward slightly. In these situations, it is recommended to fit a steel grating or wooden block.

Strong Earth Pressure
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